Your Resilience in Managing Tough Times


Many people get worn out and overly worried during times like these when we are faced with the emergency of the Covid-19 pandemic. The only way we can surmount this challenge is through resilience. Studies show that resilient people embody these five attributes. They

  1. are realistically optimistic,
  2. have faith,
  3. have a strong social support network,
  4. are radically creative, and
  5. have a sense of humour.

First, since time immemorial optimistic people are glorified over the more realistic and often pessimistic ones. Resilience studies however, contradict this. People who are realistic have been found to be more resilient. Such people expect that the best or worst can happen and get ready for either scenario. This makes them continue to thrive amidst uncertainty.

Second, they embrace faith. This may be faith in God or faith in their ability to overcome challenges. Without faith one becomes hopeless and with hopelessness comes a feeble heart and finally death.

Third, they always rely on the support of their friends. We always need a shoulder to lean on especially during hard times. We therefore need to seek the support of our friends. Don’t ever let yourself suffer without the support of your friends.

Fourth, resilient people are radically creative. One can be creative in any situation, however hasty or difficult. If you don’t have work, you can create work. If you find yourself redundant, you can dig into your creativeness reserves and look for ways of staying engaged.

Finally, it is still okay to have fun in spite of the lockdown. A Sense of humour is important to maintain resilience. People have made fun of this lockdown on social media and this makes people smile. Have fun.

Try these five strategies during this period I am sure they will be useful. Covid-19 is one challenge but there are so many other challenges that come and will continue to challenge our lives but if we tried the five (5) ways we would handle most of the adversity that comes our way.  


Henry Nsubuga
Manager, Counselling and Guidance Centre
Makerere University

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