MoH Uganda COVID-19 Guidelines for Safe Mass Gatherings

MoH Uganda COVID-19 Guidelines for Safe Mass Gatherings

Mass Gatherings are characterized by the concentration of people at a specific location for a specific purpose over a set period of time. There is ample evidence that mass gatherings can increase the risk of transmission of infectious diseases such as Coronavirus (COVID 19).

The Ministry of Health is providing this guideline for consideration by organizers of mass gatherings in the context of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Examples of Mass Gatherings include:

  • Sporting events e.g football matches, betting
  • Religious events e.g Prayer congregations, crusades, pilgrimages etc
  • Social/Cultural events e.g funerals, weddings
  • Political events e.g rallies, campaigns, national events

Organisers must make adequate preparations before hosting an event to protect the participants from contracting COVID-19 as stipulated below.

  1. A team from the Ministry of Health or local health authority should inspect the location, review preparations and conduct a risk assessment. The organisers should designate a competent person to liaise with the Health authorities during the organisation of the event.
  2. Ensure provision of adequate hand washing facilities with soap or alcohol-based hand rub.
  3. People with flu-like symptoms and who are unwell should stay at home in well-ventilated room and should NOT BE ALLOWED to access premises of the gathering.
  4. Organisers should plan for cleaning and disinfecting frequently used communal places (like bathroom and toilet surfaces) and frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs/handles, car doors and elevator buttons with disinfectant or soap.


Please see Downloads for detailed COVID-19 Guidelines for Safe Mass Gatherings

Organisers of mass gathering events should contact the District Health Officers for appropriate direction or call our toll-free lines on 0800-203-033 and 0800-100-066 or the following Ministry of Health Officers;

Mr. Atek Kagirita on 0782-909-153 or Dr. Allan Muruta on 0772-460-297

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