Important Communication from Makerere University Health Services

Makerere University Hospital

You are urged to observe the INFECTION PREVENTION measures highlighted by His Excellency the President of Uganda and the Ministry of Health about personal hygiene, social distancing and travel. Please hand wash frequently and avoid touching the five soft spots on the face.

  1. Makerere University Health Services will remain open during this period.
  2. Be on the lookout for patients who present with the following symptoms: Flu, Sneezing, Cough, Sore throat, Fever and Difficulty in Breathing
  3. Remember to ask for travel history or history of contact with a confirmed COVID-19 person.
  4. In case of suspicion for Covid-19, the following numbers should be contacted Toll free:  0800203033 / 0800100066 / 0800303033
  5. The task force from Makerere University Health services is led by Dr. Nawavvu Cecilia who is available to give guidance. Her telephone contact is 0772496414.
  6. In order to minimize crowding at the University Hospital, we encourage visits by appointments with the following contacts;
  • Medical review, Dr. Hassan Mulema- 0701153077 or Dr.Mukasa David – 0787263898;  Surgical services: Dr Mbaine Ronald- 0774338585
  • Laboratory services, Mr. Rogers Kamulegeya – 0774121380
  • Ultrasound Scan Services, Dr. Florence Musoke – (SMS) 0782354430
  • Ear, Nose & throat (ENT) services, Dr. Awubwa Michael – 0772594657
  • Dental Services, Dr. Mohammed Mbabali – 0702025391/Dr. Tino Jacinta  – 0779098536
  • Optometry, Gloria Mukisa- 0778968557
  • Mental health, Racheal Arinaitwe - 0752154527

We encourage you all to continue taking the lead in the fight against

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