University Closure Guidelines in Compliance With Presidential Directive on COVID-19

Makerere University

All Staff & Students of Makerere University

Reference is made to the communication from the Chairperson of Council Ref. 0301.00 declaring Makerere University closed for 30 days with effect from 20th March 2020.

A special meeting of the University Top Management was held on Friday 20th March 2020 to consider the closure guidelines in view of the President’s directive and the formal closure of the University by the Chairperson of Council.

Management noted the following:

  1. That the President’s directive is a welcome measure considering the great risk presented by the COVID 19 global pandemic;
  1. That all students have been instructed to vacate the University premises by 12pm on Friday 20th March 2020 in line with the Presidential directive;
  1. That Makerere University has the capacity to apply online learning platforms by leveraging the existing Open, Distance and E-Learning Policy (ODeL) and available infrastructure in selected programmes;
  1. That ongoing research could continue while observing the COVID 19 preventive guidelines as provided by the Ministry of Health;
  1. That progressive student assessments could continue during the closure period through course work assignments that students can handle from home;
  1. That the current circumstances augment the need for the University to operationalize the ODeL policy, which was approved by Council in 2017;
  1.  That key administrative functions including financial administration and reporting, preparations of admissions for academic year 2020/2021, maintenance of the University Estate, security, legal advisory and University Hospital services were critical to maintaining limited functionality of the University during the closure. Accordingly, there is need for some staff to remain at the University to fulfill those functions;
  1. That some staff are required to remain working to fulfill the specified administrative functions as stated in (7) above;
  1. That the 30-day closure demands that appropriate adjustments be made to the period for the Second Semester of academic year 2019/2020;
  1. That international students who are currently staying in the University halls of residence and are unable to travel back home to their countries would require University support;
  1. That ongoing capital developments at the University which bind the University by contract should continue with strict observance of the COVID 19 preventive guidelines as provided by the Ministry of Health;
  1. That postgraduate students in clinical disciplines and staff who provide clinical services to hospitals as part of their training might be required to continue with those services in order to save lives;
  1. That use of the library could continue through online library resources.

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